Pataua Oil Refined


Product Name Pataua Oil Refined
INCI Name Oenocarpus Bataua Fruit Oil, Tocopherol
Product Description "Is Extracted From The Pulp Without The Use Of Solvent Refined (Neutralized, Bleached And Deodorized) Generally Indicated For Cosmetic Application. It Is Also Organic Certified By Ecocert-Cosmos. It Revitalizing Properties Due To Its Composition Rich Fruit Itself Both As The Oil Extracted From The Pulp. It Is An Excellent Source Of Essential Fatty Acids Such As Omega-9. It Also Contains Omega - 3 And Omega-6"
Product Application "Indicated for Moisturizers for Skin, Products for Chemically Damaged Hair Extra Care, General Products for Hair and Products for Scalp Care "
Product Form Liquid Viscous
Principal Beraca
CAS No 59-02-9,119-13-1, 1406-18-4, 1406-66-2, 2074-53-5,7616-22-0, 10191-41-0, 148-03-8, 54-28-4, 16698-35-4
Special Feature Natural Vegetable Powder Extract
Category Bio Scrubs


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