Miranol Ultra

Product Name Miranol Ultra
INCI Name Sodium Cocoampho Acetate
Product Type Ultra Mild Surfactant
Product Application MIRANOL ULTRA C32 is an ultra pure mild amphoteric surfactant, imidazoline derivative. For baby,and adult mild rinse-off products, helps to reduce irritancy properties of anionic sulfates surfactants. Exceptional foam quality in blends with sulfates surfactants as compared to other amphoterics. Foaming performance not affected by the hardness of water or changes of pH. Efficient even in, presence of sebum. Synergy with conditioning polymers that leads to an increased deposition. Foams, well and rapidly to give stable foam even in presence of soap in foam baths. Use as a gentle, cleansing agent in skin cleansers and liquid soaps
Product Form Liquid
Principal Solvay
CAS No 68608-65-1
Special Feature
Additional Special Feature Helps in No More Tear Claims


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