Citrofol AI

Product Name Citrofol AI
INCI Name Tri Ethyl Citrate
Product Type Used as an ingredient in natural cosmetics
Product Description Especially CITROFOL® AI is used as solvent, diluent and fixative by the perfumers. It is an excellent active agent for deodorants as it inhibits the enzymatic decompo sition of the sweat components.CITROFOL® is excellently compatible with new resin systems used in the manu facture of low volatile hair sprays. In modern sun cream formulations, CITROFOL® helps to get insoluble organic UV filters dispersed in high concentrations.
Product Application Deodrants, Sunsceen, Soaps, Sunscreens, Hair Sprays
Product Form Clear, viscose liquid
Principal Jungbunzlauer
CAS No 77-93-0
Special Feature 1. Biodegradable
2. Based on renewable raw materials
3. Use as ingredient in natural cosmetics
4. 100 % Natural raw material.
Origin Natural derived raw materials


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