Old Rose Clay


Product Name Old Rose Clay
INCI Name Magnesium Aluminum Silicate/ Kaolin/ Mica
Product Description "Beraclay Old Rose is a mixture of the gray and red clays. Its main e ect is softness. Gently removes dirt and grime"
Product Application All Kinds Of Skin Care Products, Anti-Aging Products, Facial Masks For Oiliness Control, Creams For Pregnant Women, Breast Area And Body Masks, Men’s Grooming Products, Natural And Organic Formulations, Color Cosmetics And Makeup, Products/Creams For Oily And Prone Skin, Spa And Professional Products, Exfoliation Products, Serums For Eyes´ Area, Shampoos, Conditioners And Capillary Masks For All Hair Types, Soap Bars Or Liquid Soaps With Or Without Exfoliation Properties
Product Form Powder
Principal Beraca
CAS No 12199-37-0 / 1332-58-7/ 1318-93-0/ 12001-26-2
Special Feature Active Mineral Colors
Category Brazilian Rare Clays


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