Light Green Clay


Product Name Light Green Clay
INCI Name Magnesium Aluminum Silicate/ Kaolin/ Montmorillonite / Mica
Product Description "Beraclay Green contains Montmorillonite which off ers several benefi ts to the skin. It is also a useful component to formulas promoting benefi ts such as stability. It is highly recommended for oily skin. Its colloidal structure forms two silicate layers, composed of small particles (smaller than the particles of other minerals)."
Product Application All Kinds Of Skin Care Products, Anti-Aging Products, Facial Masks For Oiliness Control, Creams For Pregnant Women, Breast Area And Body Masks, Men’s Grooming Products, Natural And Organic Formulations, Color Cosmetics And Makeup, Products/Creams For Oily And Prone Skin, Spa And Professional Products, Exfoliation Products, Serums For Eyes´ Area, Shampoos, Conditioners And Capillary Masks For All Hair Types, Soap Bars Or Liquid Soaps With Or Without Exfoliation Properties
Product Form Powder
Principal Beraca
CAS No 12199-37-0 / 1332-58-7/ 1318-93-0/ 12001-26-2
Special Feature Active Mineral Colors
Category Brazilian Rare Clays


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