Alkyl Poly Glucosides - Coco Glucoside

Product Name Alkyl Poly Glucosides
INCI Name Coco Glucoside
Product Type Coco Glucoside is an non-ionic surfactant that can be used as a foaming agent, conditioner or emulsifier. It increases the foaming capacity in skincare and haircare products. It also has the excellent benefit of acting as an emulsifier to allow essential oils and water to mix.

Coco Glucoside is one of the mildest surfactants and is compatible with all skin types. It can be used in both body and hair care products. It doesn't only have to be in foaming products, it can be used in cleansers and moisturisers also.
Product Application • Shower Gel
• Shampoo
• Face Wash
• Bath Foam
Product Form Liquid
Principal Shanghai Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd
CAS No 68515-73-1 / 110615-47-9
Special Feature
Origin Plant Based / Biodegrable Green Surfactant


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